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5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Implementing (But Should)

Posted on: April 18th, 2017 by Tim Garcia

We’ve shown you recently how critically important social media is for your business (+ tips on how to gain more “likes” and followers). From marketing and repeat clients, to snagging new leads, social media can be one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing strategies you’ll ever employ.

Today’s Tip of the Week is going to assume you know the basics of marketing on social media. That is to say, we’re going beyond just showing you how to advertise on Facebook or set up your X (aka Twitter) account. We’re going to show you a few out-of-the-social-box ideas that you either haven’t thought of before or just haven’t had the time to implement.

By using some or all of these ideas, you’ll discover additional ways to stay in close contact with your buyers and sellers.


Some of us at PropertyMinder personally use Hootsuite – that’s how amazing we think it is.

The principle behind the platform is simple: It can be difficult to remember the specific days and times you want to post to social media to connect with the real estate industry and your clients. Hootsuite lets you schedule posts ahead of time to X (aka Twitter), Facebook, Google+ and more. It will even shrink URLs for you and show you how many characters you have remaining to type with for X (aka Twitter) compared to, say, Facebook. Then select the exact date and time you want the post to go live. Boom. Done.

80/20 Rule

80% of your social media posts should be engaging, entertaining, and helpful content for your potential homebuyers and sellers.

Save the other 20% for direct marketing of your services and/or to encourage clicks to specific pages on your website.

X (aka Twitter) Bots

This one sounds more intimidating than it actually is. No, you don’t have to be a computer engineer or know how to code to create a X (aka Twitter) bot for your business.

RealtyBizNews captures the essence of X (aka Twitter) bots better than we ever could, so we’ll let them take it away:

“X (aka Twitter) bots are basically just software programs that perform specific actions. It’s possible to program X (aka Twitter) bots to do more or less anything, from instantly responding to mentions, directly messaging users who follow you, or instantly follow someone that uses certain words and phrases. The good thing about X (aka Twitter) bots is they’re easy to write and maintain. You don’t need any special coding skills either – simply create a X (aka Twitter) account, go to and set up your own bot. Just program a specific search term and select an action the bot will perform when that search term happens.”

Where the millennials at?

Depending on your market, millennials may or may not be potential clients today, but they absolutely will be in the not-so-distant future.

What’s not as popular with this crowd: Facebook. What is popular? Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Figure out where in the home buying funnel your millennials are, and then you can determine the best social media strategy to engage them.

The Power of Video

It doesn’t matter if all you have is an iPhone; you need to make videos – and the distribution of this content – an integral part of your social media plan.

Think how easy it is for people that follow you on social media to have your videos auto-begin in their Instagram or Facebook feeds. With absolute minimal effort, potential clients and revenue interacts with your content to thereby increase branding and awareness.

Social media is a highly effective way to market to your audience. When combined with emails, newsletters, and other methods that engage with the leads in your CRM, social media is yet another tool that sets you apart from the competition in your zip codes.

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5 Mistakes Your Website Is Making, Right Now.

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by Tim Garcia


Quick question: How long would you say you remain on a website that loads slowly, looks awful, isn’t intuitive to navigate and basically doesn’t do anything to solve your pain points?

According to some studies, consumers spend only around 15 seconds on your website. That’s not a lot of time to capture interest and get them excited via relevant, engaging content.

So what are some of the biggest faux pas that real estate agents – and businesses in general – make when it comes to their websites?

Here’s five of them, and if you’re concerned that you may be making some of these same mistakes, let us know and we can help build you a branded website that can throttle your business into overdrive.


  1. Where’s the CTA?

Go look at your current website right now. No really, give it a gander.

Where is your call to action? Is it clearly positioned where a consumer will see it? Think about the color scheme of your CTA button and how that might stand out against the rest of your website. Is it big enough without looking tacky?


  1. There’s too much clutter

Have you ever been to the cheese aisle at a major grocery outlet? Sometimes the options are so overwhelming that you just give up.

Same goes for your website. Remember that you’re using it in large part to capture leads so you don’t need to convey every single detail of your professional history or services. There’s plenty of time for that once you capture your leads and get them on the phone.


  1. Where’s the GA?

Some reports have stated that a whopping 75% of small businesses don’t use analytics tools on their websites. That’s like driving your car in the pitch black of night with zero assistance and yet still hoping to arrive at the correct destination.

Google Analytics (GA) and other tools can help you turn the headlights on so you can see where you’re going. Without these tools, how would you know if your leads are even opening your emails or clicking on the links in them that point to your website?

Track, tweak, transcend.


  1. Are you social?

Some people love social media. Some think it’s a sign of the end times.

Despite your personal feelings about social media, the reality is that it needs to be a huge component of your marketing. A great way to build up your audience is by making sure you having things like social media icons clearly placed on your website where visitors can see them.

Also make sure to have icons under every piece of content you publish to encourage likes, retweets, shares and more.


  1. Laptops and cell phones and tablets, oh my!

Your clients are on their mobile devices just as much as you are, so get on your phone or tablet right now and visit your current site.

Is it mobile friendly? Is it just as easy to navigate as the web version? Where is your call to action and lead-capture form? Is the navigation clear or confusing?


Branded websites to boost your biz

From call to actions to mobile-responsive designs (and everything in-between), a branded website that both captures the essence of your business while providing an enjoyable customer experience is critical to the sustained success of your business.

Thankfully, if you’re feeling like your site could use everything from a refresh to an overhaul, we’re here to help.


Wooing More Sellers & Buyers.

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 by Tim Garcia

A couple perceptive takes on love and relationships – to inspire and work in your (professional) favor.

When we are in a truly loving relationship, we receive the gift of being known and accepted. We become more, not less of who we are. We receive the space in which to bloom. This is how we know we are in a loving relationship. We are blooming, and the one we love is blooming as well. – Brenda Shoshann

It’s the truth.
When your sellers bloom toward new horizons…
When your buyers bloom into their dream home…
Your reputation, income and influence blooms into more hearts and minds. Simple as that.


There’s a difference between somebody who wants you, and somebody who would do anything to keep you. Remember that. – Anonymous.

Take that same logic and apply it to your leads and clients.
What are you doing different that sets you apart and will keep folks “faithful” to you?

Relationships have cycles that can go something like this:
The Romance…  your blossoming relationship is perfect, there’s a strong mutual attraction.
The Reality…  except for a few expectations and needs that might not be met 100%.
The Reaction…  time to take control, charge, responsibility and reach out accordingly with the right resources.
The Resistance…  despite passionate efforts, you might face some temporary backlash and nitpicking, stay patient and strong.
The Reflection…   what lessons can you take away that’ll avoid rocky realities in the future?
The Renewal…   reiterate and re-energize your committed efforts toward fulfilling real estate dreams (+ be sure to give yourself a little TLC, while you’re at it).


Last Minute Thanksgiving (Holiday) Email Greeting.

Posted on: November 22nd, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Hi there,

Tim here – how’s your week going so far?
You’re probably traveling, preparing, lounging, wrapping up work before Thanksgiving, or a busy combination of these – am I right?

Just wondering – do you plan on sending a holiday greeting this week?
Well, heads up – I’ve drafted a short and sweet Thanksgiving email (see below) for you to send to leads and clients, if you’re in a pinch or need extra inspiration.

Email Subject Line Option #1: Have a quick sec before Thanksgiving? This (and you) really matter to me…
Email Subject Line Option #2: Your generosity is enough to be thankful for this year. 

Dear ______,

Time to put the heaps of food, family squabbling, and frenzied shopping on the back burner for a second.
Now: take a moment to pause, breathe, and relax with a quick greeting conveying my deep appreciation, unwavering gratitude, and absolute thanks for our continued personal and professional bond.

Honestly, your vibrant generosity alone is enough to be thankful for this year.

Your time. Your trust. Your kindness. Your fears. Your dreams. You’ve shared it all with me.
And I want to reiterate my commitment toward ensuring your home journey is thoroughly secure, joyous, and fulfilling, year-round.

Home Purchase. Home Listed. Home Care. Home Values. Home Improvement.
You can always count on me for all of your real estate needs, above and beyond.

I look forward to reaching new heights with you as 2017 comes to a close, and as a bright New Year full of enriching opportunities approaches us.

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you, family, and friends,


Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving,

PropertyMinder Marketing

80 Days Until 2017. Put Your Clients Into Custom Groups!

Posted on: October 14th, 2016 by Tim Garcia
Less than 80 Days until 2017, folks.
Here’s an idea of what you can do for a few minutes a day to get your
business the attention it deserves come January 1, 2017.Organize your database by placing clients
into the appropriate groups in your
CRM.For example, if you have a cousin that bought a home in 2010, they should be in your:– Referrals/Family Folder
Sellers’ Folder
– 6-year-owners’ folder

A good CRM will allow you to create custom groups.

Click here to find out how custom groups will strengthen your agent-to-client relationships.


PropertyMinder’s Community Manager
30 Day Free Test Drive 

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PropertyMinder’s Seller’s Corner Helps Agents Earn $64K More Per Year.

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by Tim Garcia

PropertyMinder’s Seller’s Corner helps agents earn $64K more per year.
The following Inman News article was originally featured and published on September 26th, 2016 (by Craig C. Rowe).

Real estate marketing and CRM platform introduces new way for agents to reach past clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real estate agents should stay in front of homeowners with information about the real estate market. Be the expert.
  • Seller’s Corner feature nets California agents 4.6 more listings per year than non-Property Minder customers.


PropertyMinder is an online marketing and CRM platform for real estate agents.

Platform(s): Browser-based; iOS app
Ideal for: All agents

Top selling points:

  • New feature, Seller’s Corner, facilitates ongoing contact with previous clients.
  • Wide array of available features.
  • Agents in CA average 4.6 more listings per year.


Top concerns:

  • User interface could use update.
  • May not appeal to agents looking for “pure CRM”.


What you should know:
PropertyMinder is a robust, feature-rich platform that tackles a number of needs for real estate offices. It helps find leads, build listing websites, send emails and give consumers geo-targeted listing information via its HomeView app. There’s a lot going on here, and I didn’t get a chance to dive too deep.

However, I did have a thorough look at its newest feature, Seller’s Corner.
This unique data-driven feature allows agents to geographically monitor the market around the homes of past buyer clients.


PropertyMinder tackles a number of needs for real estate offices.

When significant market changes occur or home values have jumped, Seller’s Corner empowers users to inform clientsabout what’s happening with their home. A drip campaign can be set up based on that search to continually feed homeowners with data about their market and, of course, keep the agent in front of their customers.

The search can be based on ZIP code or created with a polygon mapping tool. It can send CMAs (comparative market analyses), property photos, median listing prices and sold prices.

I’ve never met a homeowner who isn’t interested in the numbers of a home that’s for sale in their neighborhood, while it’s on the market and after it closes. This is the point of Seller’s Corner.


PropertyMinder’s intent with this tool is to distract an agent’s homeowners from the ubiquitous presence of the industry, which can be considered a major reason why so many agents tend to miss out on repeat business.

I’ve never met a homeowner who isn’t interested in the numbers of a home that’s for sale in their neighborhood.
There’s a never-ending stream of real estate apps, websitessocial media content and advertisements wanting a homeowner’s information. Is it any wonder why it’s hard to hold on to customers?

PropertyMinder states that all of its California agents using Seller’s Corner average 4.6 more listings per year than non-customers and $64,000 more in annual commissions.

This tool is demonstrating how important it is for drip campaigns to offer content that homeowners want to read.
Perhaps general newsletters with neighborhood events and office happenings are the problem. After all, your clients can get that stuff from 100 different sources. Be the real estate expert.

Seller’s Corner has templates that can be used, and every link to a new listing or highlighted home links back to the agent’s website. Listings on it are populated by an IDX feed updated every 45 minutes.

There is an ever-growing population of apps and tools aimed at helping agents win repeat business, many of which focus on channeling home maintenance tips and advice. (PropertyMinder has one of those, too, called HomeBrella.)


Seeing Seller’s Corner demonstrated made me think more about this topic.

I’ve landed on the belief that agents shouldn’t leave their wheelhouse.
Be their real estate expert and know your niche; trying to send anything else is simply contributing to the echo chamber.

Want to see Seller’s Corner in-action?
Request a quick Live Demo – or contact me directly (info below).

All the best,


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“I Want __ More Listings” – Make It Happen With Seller’s Corner.

Posted on: October 6th, 2015 by Tim Garcia

The homeowner that’s made aware of the market, will eventually become the market.

In other words when you simply deliver home values, you get folks thinking “What is my home worth?” As a result, they automatically transform into a viable marketing lead – and business with you becomes a prospective reality.

Seller’s Corner is that tool that will automatically:
Keep your clients engaged, informed, and aware.
Keep you looking like the true expert in their neighborhood.
Keep them from forgetting about you when they need to make a decision.
Keep them from going to “you know where” and their contact info. sold to another agent.

Set a listings goal. Be of value via Seller’s Corner. And take your clients back.

Fun fact:
Seller’s Corner is continuously updating throughout the day regardless of the interval.

What does this mean?
Let’s say that you have a client set up on a Monthly Neighborhood Alert and they visited your site today and saw recent Active, Pending, and Sold homes, in addition to the current Average and Median Listing price where they live.

4 days from now, they click on that same email again and come back to your website.
All new activity and statistics will be updated.

Such a lovely thing: your clients simply clicking one button to have questions answered.
Don’t rely on Holiday messages and referral requests to bring you the business you need.

Fences were created for a reason: to keep the wolves away from the flock.

See everything in-action on the next free Seller’s Corner webinar.

On another note: October is here!
So are your free e-mail (text) template(s) that we wrote just for you.
(We even included a Halloween-themed one).

Let’s chat sometime. Don’t be shy to email or call me directly.
I’m at your beck and call, all-day. Think of me as your assistant (free of charge, of course).

I’m here to help you resolve any issues you’re facing.
So, feel free to vent and ask away.

Have a fabulous week,

PropertyMinder Marketing

More marketing advice can be found on our featured
Tip Of The Week Archive & Current Tip Of The Week webpages.