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The Big Tease: Sellers & Hot Marketing Updates (+Week-By-Week July Roundup)

Posted on: June 30th, 2016 by admin

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Your Week-By-Week July Marketing Roundup

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Let Us Tease You

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Featured June Guest Blog Posts

By Tawd Frensley, VP of PropertyMinder Sales & Marketing

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Extra Announcements

Special Holiday Weekend Update

Attention paying PropertyMinder customers: login to your CRM message library and check out your newest drip email marketing bundle (Open House Sellers campaign).

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There’s No Place Like Homebrella

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New MLS Search

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Tips Of The Week:


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Home Staging Checklist (+ Gaining Sellers That Need This)

Posted on: June 20th, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Hey there,

Tim here. Just touching base with another Tip Of The Week. How’ve you been?

Truth be told – this week’s tip (see the handy email below) is only relevant to agents actually working with sellers, now or in the future.

If you’re at a loss of people to send this to, keep in mind that Seller’s Corner is the starting point to generate the listings you deserve. Let me know when you’d like a one-on-one demo.

*Subject Line: The best offer on your home.


Buyers can be pretty picky.
Taking care of a few things before your home staging will ensure that we maximize the offer(s) on your home. Below is a quick checklist.

FYI: if you need a helping hand, I can connect you with the best home care and improvement resources you need, at any time. Just let me know.

Paint touch-ups.
Clean sidewalk and driveway.

Front and Back Yards:
Freshly mowed lawn(s).
Trimmed shrub(s) and tree(s).
Clear debris, toys and tools.
Clean pool and deck(s).

Living Area(s):
Vacuum carpets.
Dust furniture and clean drapes.
Empty fireplace and remove smoke stains.
Doors and drawers should all open and close easily.
Remove general clutter and tidy up shelves.

Kitchen and Bathroom(s):
Scrub bath and shower.
Fix any faucet drips or leaks.
Mop and wax floors.
Clean grout and caulking.
Wipe mirror(s), counters, sinks, glass and porcelain surfaces.

I’ll touch base again soon,


Did we miss anything?
Always looking forward to your feedback. 🙂

Let’s make magic this summer,

PropertyMinder Marketing

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The Only Part Of The Market You Should Blame, Is Your Market-ing

Posted on: June 9th, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Let’s not play the blame game. 

It’s not how many people you have in your database.
It’s how well you know the people in your database.

If this wasn’t the case, then you could consider the phone book your CRM. (if agents actually called, that is)

Just because the Internet exists, doesn’t mean you don’t need to build relationships.
Just because email exists, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call your clients.

If your business is not where you want it to be, point some blame.
However, just try not to blame the market.

The only part of the market you should blame, is your market-ing.

Relationships are the building blocks of any business.
Look to the past, how many multi-million dollar deals were done over a handshake, a cocktail, and signed on a napkin?

A website can be exited.
An email can be deleted.
A postcard can be tossed.
Our words can last a lifetime.
If you are their “Real Estate Agent For Life” then do yourself a favor, find out what is happening in “Their Life”.

That’s all, for now.

By Tawd Frensley

PropertyMinder’s VP of Marketing & Sales

Try our 30 Day Test Drive today! 

Questions? Email or call me directly. 


PropertyMinder’s Community Manager

 More marketing advice can be found on our featured
Tip Of The Week Archive & Current Tip Of The Week webpages.

Father’s Day Greeting

Posted on: June 8th, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Hey there,

Tim here – how’s your June going?
Heads up (although you’re probably already aware): Father’s Day lands on Sunday the 19th.

Given the fact that parent-child dynamics vary from person to person, I tried to be as inclusive as possible when drafting the greeting below. Let me know what you think – and feel free to use the content in an email marketing campaign (it’s never too early to schedule one).


*Subject Line: Unconditional (Sometimes Tough): Dad’s Love Knows No Bounds.

Fathers embody a unique kind of strength.
From training wheels to our first cars as adolescents, they take us on exciting routes in life.

Whether it’s confronting the monster under our beds, playing sports in the backyard, tinkering with tools in the garage, piggyback rides as kids, sharing barbecue tips, or simply providing a shoulder to lean on when we’re down and out – they have a special way of teaching us lessons and instilling values that help shape who we grow up to be.

Biological, Adopted and Step Dads, Uncles, Brothers and Grandfathers, I hope you take the time to connect with, and celebrate, the fatherly figure(s) in your life this weekend.

Take care,

If you ever need additional guidance,
personally-tailored marketing content,
and/or just need to “vent” – feel free to reach out.

No sales pitch, either. Seriously.

Your Marketing Ally & Friend,

PropertyMinder Marketing

 More marketing advice can be found on our featured
Tip Of The Week Archive & Current Tip Of The Week webpages.