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Win The Popular Vote: 8 Ways Agents Are Like Politicians, Plus Useful And Effective

Posted on: December 22nd, 2015 by admin

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Reality check: there are less than 10 days until the new year. 2016 should be about rewarding New Year’s “resolutions” to challenges
we face ahead, renewing relationships and regaining momentum. Exciting product updates, exclusive blog posts, stellar tips, useful advice, a complete suite of empowering marketing tools
We’ve covered virtually everything you need to kickstart success!

Let’s Face It: Agents Are Sort Of Like Politicians.

As you may know, 2016 is a presidential election year. But we won’t get into that. We’re simply asking…

Q: How many business traits and approaches do agents and political figures have in common?

A: Quite a few – and in the best (and most positive) ways imaginable!

PART I covers how to: be self-governing, make allies, outsmart competitive propaganda, rile up your (data)base and keep up with the ever-changing real estate “homeland”…

PART II offers ways to: sound and look “electable”, earn more referrals, increase traffic to your “headquarters” (website) and collect the best testimonial “soundbites”…


Featured Guest Blog Posts

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Never Expect. Never Assume. Never Wait…

How To “Be All Things Real Estate”

Relationships >> RElationships >> REALationships

It’s Not “Who You Know” But “How Well They Know You” Read more >>

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Product & Company Updates

We’re breaking in the new year, in-style!

Your New MLS Search

It’s finally here. We mean it this time. An incredible, systemwide change officially rolls out January 2016. Learn more about this supercharged search.

Homebrella: A Home Run For Clients

Connect your clients with trusted service providers. As their agent, you are all things real estate: Home purchase. Home values. Home improvement. Home sales.


2016 Projects Underway

Overhaul of the AccelerAgent CRM.

It’s finally here. We mean it this time. An incredible, systemwide change officially rolls out January 2016. Learn more about this supercharged search.

New Mobile App!

Get ready for a new version of the Agent Mobile App – AND an entirely new mobile app. We’re keeping this one under wraps. Stay tuned!


December Tips Of The Week:


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More “Likes”. More Followers: Savvy Ways To Mix & Mingle On Social Media.

Posted on: December 8th, 2015 by Tim Garcia




Time for some real talk.
Posting snapshots of your current meal on Facebook doesn’t do anyone any good.
If anything, it’ll just remind people that they’re hungry or why they became a vegetarian.

We recommend dishing out the main course (and purpose) of social media – exposure and networking by underscoring your individuality, expressing your creative flair and putting your own personal (and memorable) stamp on everything you draft and/or share.

Americans spend more than 2 hours on mobile devices and social sites everyday.
It’s imperative to stay savvy and relatable when mingling online.

1) Post haikus or short words of wisdom (think “fortune-cookies”).
Avoid posting large chunks of text. If you need to post something lengthy, make sure it’s formatted in segments with spaces and easy on the eyes.

2) Let available content (like imagery and quotes) inspire you.
Some of us read inspirational “memes” all day. Figure out ways to correlate ones you especially like to real estate and share them. If you can’t find a significant parallel to your business – share it anyway.

3) Take stylish and wholesome “selfies”.
Snap shots with colleagues at the office, with successful clients at their home, with family members, at open houses – you name it. Any image that will humanize you. (Instagram filters can also rejuvenate your appearance).

4) Hashtags (#) work.
Yes. When used correctly, these serve a purpose and can increase your visibility, convey what you’re all about, and unite and rally your prospective audience (i.e. – just fill in the underlined portion with your info: #HomesByYourName, #BuyAndSellWithYourName #HomesInYourLocation).

5) Ask and you shall receive.

Many Facebook aficionados have taken quizzes. Do a quick search – they’re out there. Share one that you can tie back into real estate (i.e.- What State Do You Actually Belong To?”, “What City Should You Live In?”)

– Then, attach a message: “By the way, have you thought about your home value? Would you be interested in learning more about the market in your area?” (This is where Seller’s Corner comes in handy).


While you’re at it…
6) Take advantage of your AgentView Branded Mobile App
Allows you to view the closest listings to your current location automatically (including listing details and photos pulled right from your MLS).

Places your name, photo and contact info on every MLS Listing.

Allows your leads and clients to make informed real estate decisions without going anywhere (or to anyone) else.

Need help gaining “likes”, standing out and getting things to go “viral” or “trending”? Reach out to us for personally-drafted content and tips specifically tailored to catch the eye of your target audience(s). Let’s get social!

 Have a great week,


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