Why Us?

Welcome to PropertyMinder,
home of the AccelerAgent platform

Why Us?
Because the website your broker is providing you will never be good enough to sustain growth.
Because the technology you are relying upon is costing you transactions and referrals, every year.
Because you and your clients deserve better.

Welcome to PropertyMinder, home of the AccelerAgent platform that will support your growing business.
Your Website, Found. New Leads, Captured. The MLS, Fully Integrated. Every Buyer, Tracked. Important Tasks, Set. All Homeowners, Secured. More Listings, Guaranteed.
All of this equates to more time to focus on what is important. All of this means more business, more referrals, and more listings, every year.

Again, Why Us?
Because we have been delivering powerful technology to top agents since 1999. When you are an AccelerAgent you gain unlimited access to our staff that understands your business and wants you to succeed. We not only give you impact-producing tools, we also teach you how to use them (the way that increases business).
With a professional Internet presence, listings sent to your buyers as soon as they hit the market, personally branded emails being delivered when you want, and your homeowners getting their home's value directly from you, your business will flourish. All of this to keep you present in their inbox, present in their browser, and present in their mind.

Repeat Business is simply the art of not being forgotten. It is the culmination of concrete relationships nurtured over the sales cycle of each client.
It is when you, and only you, become "All Things Real Estate" to each and every client, that your business will skyrocket.

Let us show you what it is to be an AccelerAgent.

The AccelerAgent Website
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The all-inclusive and personally branded Toolkit includes:
Responsive MLS Search
SEO Tools
Social Sharing
Exclusive Listings Generation Tools