“I Want __ More Listings” – Make It Happen With Seller’s Corner.

The homeowner that’s made aware of the market, will eventually become the market.

In other words when you simply deliver home values, you get folks thinking “What is my home worth?” As a result, they automatically transform into a viable marketing lead – and business with you becomes a prospective reality.

Seller’s Corner is that tool that will automatically:
Keep your clients engaged, informed, and aware.
Keep you looking like the true expert in their neighborhood.
Keep them from forgetting about you when they need to make a decision.
Keep them from going to “you know where” and their contact info. sold to another agent.

Set a listings goal. Be of value via Seller’s Corner. And take your clients back.

Fun fact:
Seller’s Corner is continuously updating throughout the day regardless of the interval.

What does this mean?
Let’s say that you have a client set up on a Monthly Neighborhood Alert and they visited your site today and saw recent Active, Pending, and Sold homes, in addition to the current Average and Median Listing price where they live.

4 days from now, they click on that same email again and come back to your website.
All new activity and statistics will be updated.

Such a lovely thing: your clients simply clicking one button to have questions answered.
Don’t rely on Holiday messages and referral requests to bring you the business you need.

Fences were created for a reason: to keep the wolves away from the flock.

See everything in-action on the next free Seller’s Corner webinar.

On another note: October is here!
So are your free e-mail (text) template(s) that we wrote just for you.
(We even included a Halloween-themed one).

Let’s chat sometime. Don’t be shy to email or call me directly.
I’m at your beck and call, all-day. Think of me as your assistant (free of charge, of course).

I’m here to help you resolve any issues you’re facing.
So, feel free to vent and ask away.

Have a fabulous week,

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