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Your sellers and social media: still a “BFD.”

Posted on: October 19th, 2017 by Tim Garcia


Quick question – are you on Facebook?
Odds are, you are (after all, over 80% of agents and realtors use it.*)

Quite frankly, social media is a BFD (big freaking deal).
Just look around you. Folks are constantly on their phones checking their feeds.

With that said, I’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure you’re getting:
the most likes,
the most friends,
the most followers,
the most comments,
and, most importantly, the most homesellers to connect with.


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– 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Implementing – But Should.

– 5 Best Ways To Connect With Homesellers and Buyers On Facebook.

– How Facebook Ads Can Increase Your Listings, Sell More Homes And Generate More Leads.


Any of these help? Hope so.
If not, let me know if you need additional guidance. Always happy to chat. 🙂
– Tim

P.S. – while I’m thinking of it, let’s connect on Facebook – feel free to “Like” our page at any time!


Politics aside, this is just bad news for your homebuyers.

Posted on: October 4th, 2017 by Tim Garcia

Howdy folks,

Quick question – how do “changes that would make homebuying less attractive” sound?* Yeah, not so pleasant. I know.

Yesterday I came across this headline: “The California Association of Realtors says the Republican Tax Reform Plan will eliminate the incentive for people to buy homes, shrink the middle class, and raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of California homeowners.” *

Irrespective of your political party affiliation(s), this (especially the parts about diminishing homebuyers’ motivation to purchase homes, and increasing taxes on homeowners) is pretty unsettling news, to say the least.

Inventory is already low. Your homebuyers, in particular, should (no, make that NEED to) feel energized and confident, now more than ever.

This news calls for something that’s going to keep your homebuyers consistently pumped, optimistic and encouraged to have faith that their dream home is within reach.
A good suggestion: our new MLS/IDX Search feature that ensures every last accurate detail and up-to-the-minute property/housing data is available to every single one of your homebuyers.

Current customers: if you’re ready to upgrade, simply let us know.
Non-customers: if you’re ready to take advantage of this, and ensure 100% homebuyer satisfaction – let’s get you set up on a free trial.

Feel free to reply either way. I’ll be in the office all week. 🙂