Whatever you need. It's handled.

You helped them buy the home. Now you can help them fix it up.
Homebrella gives your homeowners instant access to your list of trusted service providers to set appointments and receive quotes for home improvements in a truly secured environment.

How it works?

Simply add the contact information and type of service for as many of the recommended providers you want to add to your Homebrella network. The more the merrier.
As soon as you save the service providers profile, they will receive an email from you that includes their free Homebrella Dashboard with instructions on how they will communicate with your clients.
Whenever you're ready, you can send out an email from your CRM to your entire database letting them know that you just made it really easy for them to get quotes for their home improvement needs.
Once a homeowner selects what they need, the service provider(s) will be notified immediately and directed to their Homebrella Dashboard to send a quote or set an appointment.

The Benefits:

Your homeowners contact information will not be shared until they select the provider. Privacy is really important.
Your website will be a destination point for "All Things Real Estate". Repeat Business is really nice.
Each Homebrella Request comes from you which means that your service providers are reminded that you're bringing them business and they will return the favor. Referrals are a lovely thing.