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Happy Monday y’all!

We recently received an agent’s review on Yelp expressing how our training and assistance gives her the confidence to utilize, tweak, and leverage her real estate website with confidence like never before to allow her to spend more time focused on selling homes. Check it out:

“We have been with PropertyMinder for several years, and they are AMAZING! If you are REALLY SERIOUS about having a real estate website that ROCKS, there is no better company out there!

I have the zeal to get involved with [website] improvements and tweaking myself. I never thought that would happen. Instead of feeling at the mercy of those who ‘know,’ I am encouraged by those training me that I too am able to get my hands in there and surf around the interface and make changes and update our information. It is VERY EMPOWERING.

And when it comes to the actual ‘behind the website’ technical interface and dashboard area, it is not difficult to understand and is very logical and user-friendly. Everyone I have spoken with, worked with, or interfaced with by email [at PropertyMinder] is super professional and friendly and really care about our company.

This is not just a ‘get these guys signed up and good luck’ company. No! PropertyMinder really cares about our business and is passionate about our success as realtors. I get so excited after a training session, I just want to go out and sell real estate! Thank you, PropertyMinder!

Kate in Tampa.”

Ready to rock ‘n roll like Kate with a branded website that features responsive MLS search, client tracking, SEO tools, mobile optimization, and more? If so, jump in and take a test drive with us.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time so we can help you sell more homes and snag more leads today.

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