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Free Marketing Resources You Can Get Excited About.

Posted on: February 8th, 2018 by Tim Garcia

On a budget this year? We understand. That’s why we’re highlighting some offers, tools, and content that will save you (literally months worth of) money.

Mobile apps,
Single Property Websites,
Fully loaded Website and Marketing platform (+ Listing-Generating technology),
Live interactive webinars hosted by web specialistscatchy conversation starters – all FREE.
You’re welcome. 😉

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More Likes + More Followers = More Listings?

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by Tim Garcia



A few extra social media tips for your viewing pleasure:

– The Truth About Social Media & The Real Estate Industry (Quick Statistics On Why You NEED To Use It).

– More Likes. More Followers. Savvy Ways To Mix And Mingle On Social Media. (original post featuring infographic content)

– 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Implementing – But Should.

– 5 Best Ways To Connect With Homesellers and Buyers On Facebook.

– How Facebook Ads Can Increase Your Listings, Sell More Homes And Generate More Leads.



5 Mistakes Your Website Is Making, Right Now.

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by Tim Garcia


Quick question: How long would you say you remain on a website that loads slowly, looks awful, isn’t intuitive to navigate and basically doesn’t do anything to solve your pain points?

According to some studies, consumers spend only around 15 seconds on your website. That’s not a lot of time to capture interest and get them excited via relevant, engaging content.

So what are some of the biggest faux pas that real estate agents – and businesses in general – make when it comes to their websites?

Here’s five of them, and if you’re concerned that you may be making some of these same mistakes, let us know and we can help build you a branded website that can throttle your business into overdrive.


  1. Where’s the CTA?

Go look at your current website right now. No really, give it a gander.

Where is your call to action? Is it clearly positioned where a consumer will see it? Think about the color scheme of your CTA button and how that might stand out against the rest of your website. Is it big enough without looking tacky?


  1. There’s too much clutter

Have you ever been to the cheese aisle at a major grocery outlet? Sometimes the options are so overwhelming that you just give up.

Same goes for your website. Remember that you’re using it in large part to capture leads so you don’t need to convey every single detail of your professional history or services. There’s plenty of time for that once you capture your leads and get them on the phone.


  1. Where’s the GA?

Some reports have stated that a whopping 75% of small businesses don’t use analytics tools on their websites. That’s like driving your car in the pitch black of night with zero assistance and yet still hoping to arrive at the correct destination.

Google Analytics (GA) and other tools can help you turn the headlights on so you can see where you’re going. Without these tools, how would you know if your leads are even opening your emails or clicking on the links in them that point to your website?

Track, tweak, transcend.


  1. Are you social?

Some people love social media. Some think it’s a sign of the end times.

Despite your personal feelings about social media, the reality is that it needs to be a huge component of your marketing. A great way to build up your audience is by making sure you having things like social media icons clearly placed on your website where visitors can see them.

Also make sure to have icons under every piece of content you publish to encourage likes, retweets, shares and more.


  1. Laptops and cell phones and tablets, oh my!

Your clients are on their mobile devices just as much as you are, so get on your phone or tablet right now and visit your current site.

Is it mobile friendly? Is it just as easy to navigate as the web version? Where is your call to action and lead-capture form? Is the navigation clear or confusing?


Branded websites to boost your biz

From call to actions to mobile-responsive designs (and everything in-between), a branded website that both captures the essence of your business while providing an enjoyable customer experience is critical to the sustained success of your business.

Thankfully, if you’re feeling like your site could use everything from a refresh to an overhaul, we’re here to help.


What “Free” (Marketing) Really Means (And Looks Like).

Posted on: January 17th, 2017 by Tim Garcia


Free: not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes; having no obligations (as to work) or commitments; relieved from or lacking something and especially something unpleasant or burdensome.

A few of our honest-to-goodness FREE (quality, no-obligation) marketing resources:

1. 30 Day Free Test Drive of Complete Marketing Suite
2. Single Property Websites: great way to showcase your current inventory.
3. Mobile App: all listing details, photos, insight, showing instructions, schools –in the palm of your hand.

4. Email & Phone Call Content for Your Sellers.
– Reminding folks why you’re THE listing agent they need… Send Seller Email.
– Ensuring home staging goes well to maximize the offer on their home… Send Seller Email.
– Final follow-up with sellers to secure future referrals…
          a) Send Email About Pricing  b) Send Email With Moving Day Resources
– What to say on phone calls with ANY seller lead… Read/Use Script For Seller Leads.
– What to say on phone calls with seller leads from Open HousesRead/Use Script For Open House Seller Leads.

5. Webinars to educate, empower and inspire you (from easy website maintenance and tips, to tool breakdown and interactive tutorials)… Browse The Schedule & Sign Up.
6. Unlimited One-On-One Training and Support services for all of your marketing questions, concerns, wants and needs.*

Take advantage today.
And let me know if you need help getting started.


*for free trial customers.

Give Knowledge. Receive Listing(s), Referral(s) & Respect.

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Give: Knowledge.
Receive: Listing(s), Referral(s) & Respect.

Hey there,

Tim here, how was your Thanksgiving?
Aside from pies, I hope you were able to slice out some rest and recovery time.

Quick question – do you think it’s really better to give than to receive?
Well, I guess it depends on what you’re giving – right?

This #GivingTuesday (November 29th), ask yourself:
Am I habitually providing (giving) my leads and clients what’s relevant and necessary, in order to gain (receive) what’s important, beneficial, and professionally fulfilling to me?

More of a Listing Agent?
– GIVE sellers home values so they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to list.
– GIVE homeowners (your prospective sellershome care resources so they’ll keep you on their radar for everything real estate.
– GIVE specific reasons why sellers should want to work with you, reassurance you’ll secure the “best offer on their home”, and home staging guidance to develop referrals and a quality reputation as the neighborhood real estate expert.

More of a Buyer’s Agent?
– GIVE warm, quick email greetings to spark their interest.
– GIVE Listing Alerts that match their exact interests to show you care.
– GIVE yourself automatic, on-the-go listing insight with the AgentView mobile app

While you’re at it…
– GIVE your website some love on the next free online editing webinar.
– GIVE us your attention and boost your marketing-know on a free webinar.


Would love to receive any feedback you have on this.

Have a solid week back at work,

PropertyMinder Marketing

P.S. – Giving and receiving the aforementioned isn’t exclusive to November 29th.
These tips are applicable (literally) 365 days a year.

More “Likes”. More Followers: Savvy Ways To Mix & Mingle On Social Media.

Posted on: December 8th, 2015 by Tim Garcia




Time for some real talk.
Posting snapshots of your current meal on Facebook doesn’t do anyone any good.
If anything, it’ll just remind people that they’re hungry or why they became a vegetarian.

We recommend dishing out the main course (and purpose) of social media – exposure and networking by underscoring your individuality, expressing your creative flair and putting your own personal (and memorable) stamp on everything you draft and/or share.

Americans spend more than 2 hours on mobile devices and social sites everyday.
It’s imperative to stay savvy and relatable when mingling online.

1) Post haikus or short words of wisdom (think “fortune-cookies”).
Avoid posting large chunks of text. If you need to post something lengthy, make sure it’s formatted in segments with spaces and easy on the eyes.

2) Let available content (like imagery and quotes) inspire you.
Some of us read inspirational “memes” all day. Figure out ways to correlate ones you especially like to real estate and share them. If you can’t find a significant parallel to your business – share it anyway.

3) Take stylish and wholesome “selfies”.
Snap shots with colleagues at the office, with successful clients at their home, with family members, at open houses – you name it. Any image that will humanize you. (Instagram filters can also rejuvenate your appearance).

4) Hashtags (#) work.
Yes. When used correctly, these serve a purpose and can increase your visibility, convey what you’re all about, and unite and rally your prospective audience (i.e. – just fill in the underlined portion with your info: #HomesByYourName, #BuyAndSellWithYourName #HomesInYourLocation).

5) Ask and you shall receive.

Many Facebook aficionados have taken quizzes. Do a quick search – they’re out there. Share one that you can tie back into real estate (i.e.- What State Do You Actually Belong To?”, “What City Should You Live In?”)

– Then, attach a message: “By the way, have you thought about your home value? Would you be interested in learning more about the market in your area?” (This is where Seller’s Corner comes in handy).


While you’re at it…
6) Take advantage of your AgentView Branded Mobile App
Allows you to view the closest listings to your current location automatically (including listing details and photos pulled right from your MLS).

Places your name, photo and contact info on every MLS Listing.

Allows your leads and clients to make informed real estate decisions without going anywhere (or to anyone) else.

Need help gaining “likes”, standing out and getting things to go “viral” or “trending”? Reach out to us for personally-drafted content and tips specifically tailored to catch the eye of your target audience(s). Let’s get social!

 Have a great week,


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