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5 Things You Should Know (7/6)

Posted on: July 7th, 2018 by Tim Garcia

What you should know_ Week 1 (1)

1. Booms Are Back In These 25 Real Estate Markets.

What you should do:
– Remember that irrespective of your market status, Seller’s Corner is designed to help you
generate the most listings possible!

2. Homebuyers, Beware: Hackers Targeting Real Estate Transactions.

What you should do:
– Fill your buyers in on who/what’s out there. And while you’re at it – send them a few
dream home property matches!


3. What’s the Difference Between a Realtor, a Real Estate Agent, and Broker?

What you should do:
– Share the knowledge and distinctions with folks who might be confused…


4. The Rise of the Single Female Homeowner.

What you should do:
– Speaking of homeowners – are you telling them what their home is worth? It’s a great way
to stay top-of-mind. Be the person with the answers, and they’ll turn to you when they’re
finally ready to sell.


5. How immigrant detentions are impacting Tennesee’s real estate market.

What you should do:
– Check out the story and see if it holds any validity in your neck of the woods.

Have a wonderful weekend!

– Tim

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8 Real Estate Predictions for 2018

Posted on: December 23rd, 2017 by Tim Garcia

by Andy Coffaro

Somehow, in what has felt like the blink of an eye, 2017 is practically behind us. Throughout the year, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with the best real estate marketing tips you can find.

Just a few of those tips included utilizing Facebook Ads, marking to millennials, how to improve your company website, and countless other nuggets of info to help you increase sales and attain more leads.

2018 will be no different: We’ll continue to do the diligent research needed to help you maximize your business. There’s no doubt that next year’s tips and advice will be informed by many of the predictions experts are making right now.

So as we prepare to bid 2017 adieu, let’s check out some of the most popular 2018 predictions by leading experts in the real estate industry.


8 Predictions for 2018


Allison Bethell, – via The Street

People have been priced out of renting and purchasing, so builders will try to fill that void through townhomes, condos and single-family communities that offer affordability, value and are environmentally conscious.


Jotham Sederstrom – Inman

Following several years of dormancy, 30-year fixed rate mortgages could finally rise from the current average rate of 3.9 percent.


Katy Murphy – The Mercury News

Buyers in high-tax states such as California will move elsewhere if federal tax reform takes away deductions for state and local taxes — one of the more controversial aspects of the proposals pending in Congress.


Clare Trapasso –



Brian Hopper – Inman

New construction model homes will utilize technologies like Amazon’s Alexa for interactive information exchanges.


Kelsey Ramírez – HousingWire

Home prices are expected to rise 3.2% next year. This slower rate of increase will allow for home sales to pick up next year.


Joe Melendez – DSNews

In the future, scorching-hot real estate markets will give rise to more calm and cool emerging markets. The next big thing in 2018 and beyond could be Provo, Utah, then Athens, Ohio, or Aberdeen, South Dakota.


Lawrence Yup, National Association of Realtors – via Inman

The housing shortage will persist in many markets due to the legacy of slow rate of homebuilding over the past decade.


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Here’s to a happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

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3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Sellers Engaged Long-Term

Posted on: May 24th, 2017 by Tim Garcia

by Andy Coffaro

We know how busy you are from the time you wake up and have your first cup of coffee until your head hits the pillow that night.

That’s why we’re giving you three incredibly simple ways to stay engaged with your sellers not just today, but also for years and decades to come to maximize your revenue.

#1. Give Your Sellers Free, Awesome, and Relevant Content

A great way to stay top of mind with your home sellers is to give them free content on a regular basis.

Here are just a few ideas in the order of most efficient to time-consuming – all with the goal of keeping your clients engaged with your content and positioning you as a thought-leader in the real estate industry.

• Provide relevant industry news, articles, marketing and social media tips, and more via your social media channels. This can literally take only a few minutes each day, or you can schedule your posts ahead of time via social media dashboards like Hootsuite.
• You’re an industry leader and expert, so prove it by crafting blog posts on a weekly basis. Short on time? A killer article only needs to be around 300 to 500 words to be effective. That’s as short as just one double-spaced Word document.
• Informative, eye-catching, and scannable infographics like this one can take a bit of time to research, write, and create, but the benefits are almost limitless. You can use them in email blasts, newsletters, blogs, social media, and more. If you don’t have the graphic artist chops to create one yourself, hire an affordable freelance artist to do it for you.

#2. Email Marketing

Think for a quick second how easy it is to stay in touch with your clients via email. You should already have each and every one of their email addresses and if you don’t, you need to ask for it as soon as possible.

Sending out emails to anywhere from 10 to 10,000 of your sellers is a total breeze by utilizing easy-to-use CRM.

How easy? In the time it would take you to email just one seller, you can contact all your sellers.

Plus, remember all that super-rad content you curated easily in tip #1? Repurpose it in your emails to continuing giving your sellers free and incredibly useful information.

#3. Surveys

Ever wonder what your sellers want from you? Why not just ask them?

Using free online surveys you can create in just minutes, ask your sellers what they would like to hear from you? What are their pain points? How can you be of even better service?

Now keep in mind that you’re asking something from your sellers, and this something is their time. Incentives them by offering a free $5 gift card to Starbucks for every person that responds.

Are you on a tighter budget than that? All good. Tell your sellers that every response will enter them into a random drawing of a $50 Starbucks card (or a higher amount if you can afford it). The bait is up to you, but it’s always a good idea to offer something in return for your seller’s time and effort.

See, keeping your audience engaged doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. With minimal effort and (mostly) free tools, you’ll keep your sellers engaged both now and well into the future.


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Zillow FAIL, “Freaking Out” Over Low Inventory (+ Solutions).

Posted on: May 19th, 2017 by Tim Garcia


Tim here, with a couple news articles that caught my eye – would love to hear your thoughts!

First off – looks like Zillow is in hot water.
An excerpt from an article entitled “Zillow Advertising under CFPB fire sets real estate industry on edge”:“Why would a new-media company founded to, as it says in its mission statement, ’empower’ customers with new ways of shopping for and maintaining a home cling to an outdated way of doing business, rather than trying to disrupt it with a newer, better model?” Click here to read the full story.

Hmmm…GREAT question. Although we may not have an answer – we definitely have your “newer, better model” when it comes to empowering homeowners (sellers), homebuyers and the agents that want to work with them. Complete access to our marketing suite, designed in the epicenter of USA’s hottest housing market.

Next up, CNBC is reporting: “Real Estate CEO: Record-low housing inventory is ‘freaking us out’”. Full statement + developing story: “The inventory is reaching historic lows. It’s never declined vaster than it did last month. It’s freaking us out – it’s affecting our business; it’s limiting our sales…”


Its high time to call in the solution to the low inventory crisis. Can you guess what that would be?
Yep, the exclusive listing-generator: Seller’s Corner.


To recap…
Low inventory is a reality. Zillow (the supposed remedy to low inventory) is failing.
Shouldn’t realtors/agents have a reliable, empowering alternative they can turn to?

Given our company headquarters are located in the hottest (seller’s) housing market in the nation – I think it’s safe to say:

We know (and see) the stress and strain of low inventory on agents.
We know (and have designed) marketing tech and practices specifically designed to increase listings and boost the quality and efficiency of your professional career.

That didn’t sound too sales pitchy, did it? 😉

Really hope your week is going well,

Director of Marketing


Not a customer? Gain the competitive upper-hand with PropertyMinder marketing, designed in the heart of the nation’s hottest seller’s market!

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