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Win Listings & Buyers With The Best Of Both Worlds (+ December Marketing Checklists)

Posted on: December 1st, 2016 by Tim Garcia


Without the right, polished marketing content (simply put – your choice of words) that reflect your good-nature, care and consideration, your use of marketing technology can come off bland, sterile and cold, in general.

With that said – we have a proposal for you:
Combining, blending and employing the empowering efficiency of automated technology with a considerably warmer, gentler and memorable flair.

Yes, you CAN have the best of both worlds (with us, at least).

Reconciling the relationship between the tech world and the inherent human warmth of real estate marketing is what we’re all about. We’ve outlined and provided the essential resources (see below). The least you can do is take advantage of them.

What can you do in 31 days? A LOT (namely, pre-pave buyer and seller momentum for the rest of the year).


Listing (Seller) Agent Resources

Technology giving you more time, with less to manage:
Seller’s Corner: Your Automated Listing Generator
How To Make Switching Utilities WAY Easier
 Deliver All The Home Care Resources Folks Need

Email & Outreach Content to humanize your communication:
How To Convince Sellers They Need You To List Their Home
Reassure Sellers You Can Secure The Best Offer On Their Home
Easy, Engaging Script For The Next Phone Call With A Seller Lead
Home Staging Checklist (+How To Gain More Sellers That Need This)
Engaging Open House Follow-Up Phone Script
A Warm, Timeless Holiday Greeting



Buyer’s Agent Resources

Technology giving you more time, with less to manage:
Custom IDX: Search Faster. Capture More. Notify & Track Buyers Better.
How To Make Switching Utilities WAY Easier
 Deliver All The Home Care Resources Folks Need

Email & Outreach Content to humanize your communication:
Reach Out To Buyers With Quick Email and/or Phone Text
Engaging Open House Follow-Up Phone Script
Quick Open House Follow-Up Email
A Warm, Timeless Holiday Greeting



How PropertyMinder Can Help Agents Make More Money.

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by Tim Garcia

How PropertyMinder Can Help Agents Make More Money
The following Housely news article was originally featured and published on September 28th, 2016 (by Nat B)

Being an effective real estate agent is about much more than understanding the laws and regulation, and it extends beyond having access to all of the latest listings. Even while they work under the management of a broker, a real estate agent has to function with the mindset of an entrepreneur. They must be able to perform multiple tasks in an efficient manner.

At the end of the day, the ability to provide clients with a pleasurable and memorable experience is what will equate to being financially successful. The quality and efficiency of their work will determine their longevity.

Because agents have so many different responsibilities, the ability to enhance the efficiency at which they manage these responsibilities will have a direct impact on their earning potential. One tool that has the capacity to assist agents in increasing the quality and proficiency of their work is PropertyMinder.

PropertyMinder is a CMS that has the capacity to empower the agent to capture leads on their website, conduct automated follow-ups, instantly connect real estate agents with buyers, and more.
There are a number of ways that PropertyMinder can help agents increase their earning potential.


1) Increase Website Traffic

While having a web presence, via a website, is immensely important, it does stand alone. A website is virtually useless if it does not have a functional traffic source. In other words, the agent must have a means of driving traffic to their site. Although there may be a stream of organic traffic that finds its way to the site view online searches, it is not likely that organic traffic, alone, will not be sufficient to generate the amount of leads that will provide a substantial increase in traffic.

The AccelerAgent website tools will help drive traffic to the site, increasing traffic, which will lead to an increase in capturing leads.

Additionally, the MLS search tools on PropertyMinder will allow the agent to create a highly customized search for existing customers, as well as new visitors that are drawn to the site.


2) Universal Familiarity in Tool Technology

Because customer engagement is so important, having tools on your site that allows customers, who may have been shopping on other sites, to use tools that they have become familiar with. When a visitor arrives on the agents site for the first time, if the tools and the technology seem too foreign, it can be a turn off — causing the visitor to bounce from the site.

As a highly engaged agent, you want your customers to be as comfortable as possible as they initiate searches on your site.
The PropertyMinder search tool creates a one-stop-shop environment for customers, allowing them to locate properties that they may be interested.

Because the clients are now participating in the search, it will minimize the time that the agent spends showing the customer properties that they have no interest in. Because you will often be using the same search tools that you client will be using, it will be easy to communicate certain instructions that may help the customer increase the specificity of their search.
3) Automated Tracking

Once the customer has set the parameters for their search, they will experience a number of benefits that they will find useful and beneficial. One such benefit is the automatic tracking that takes place once the parameters have been set and the search is initiated, the customer will receive updates on a regular basis via email.

The customer will also be able to view their updates on your site. Additionally, another option that the customer can use to view their updates on Facebook is to use the AccelerApp, which is located on your Facebook business page. This type of integrated functionality completely simplifies the search process for customers, creating an intuitive and interaction that leads to an enjoyable and productive customer experience.

You will be able to view a complete history of your customer’s activity on your site.
Whether they request a showing, share a listing with a friend, favorite a listing or in any other way interact with the search process, you will have access to the complete activity history.


4) Joining the AgentAlliance

One of the most powerful benefits of PropertyMinder is the access to joining AgentAlliance.
The AgentAlliance is a group of agents who share the needs of their customers without sharing the identity, allowing agents to assist each other while providing the best possible response to the needs of their customers. This connectivity helps agents work together to grow their businesses.

The primary purpose of AgentAlliance is to reduce the high level of stress that is often associated with attempting to secure active buyers. It can also enhance your business outlook, helping you to remain positive.


5) The Buyers Match

Once you join the AgentAlliance, you will also gain access to one of the most power tools associated with the service — Buyer Match. Using this tool will help agents connect with the right buyers. This is also a great tool when you are attempting to convince a seller that you are the right agent for the job. Simply show the seller all of the buyers that you have access to, and it will increase their confidence in you to move the property within a reasonable time frame.

PropertyMinder has the capacity to help you build your network. The stronger your network, the easier it will be to meet the needs and demands of your client. When you have the ability to pick up the phone to speak with someone in your network, or send out an email, you can minimize the amount of time it takes to provide the client with what it is they are looking for.

The online tools that are provided by PropertyMinder will help drive targeted traffic to your site. The increased traffic will increase the capacity to capture leads — leading to more active customers. Also, the ability to offer your web customers an opportunity to set up their own customer searches can help solidify new agent-to-client relationships.

If you are looking for a more streamlined, efficient approach to serving the needs of your clients, PropertyMinder is a system that is up to the task.

Care to see things in-action, first-hand?
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PropertyMinder Marketing

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Hot News Reports On Your Sellers, Listings (+$64K More A Year)

Posted on: September 28th, 2016 by Tim Garcia
Hi there,

Tim here, again. How’ve you been?
Quick heads up – PropertyMinder made some pretty big news headlines recently.

I mean, the titles say it all.
Care to know the details? Read on after the link jumps:


“PropertyMinder’s Seller’s Corner Helps
Agents Earn $64K More Per Year.”

“How PropertyMinder Can Help
Agents Make More Money.”

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More marketing advice can be found on our featured
Tip Of The Week Archive & Current Tip Of The Week webpages.