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Posted on: April 13th, 2018 by Tim Garcia


In honor of “Drop Everything and Read” Day (which is, well, today 4/12) – we’re taking a moment to reflect on and underscore what it takes for your leads and clients to literally DROP what they are doing – and not only READ an email, text and/or hard content from you – but GET INSPIRED TO RESPOND to you, based on what you sent them to read.

Make sense?

We’ve said it time and time again: giving folks relevant, useful info. (like, say, THE VALUE OF THEIR HOME; WHAT THEIR HOME IS WORTH and/or PROPERTIES THAT MATCH THEIR DREAM HOME) is not only immensely appreciated by sellers and buyers, respectively – it gently coerces them into making a direct and critical correlation between the valuable content they are reading, and how they perceive you.

In essence, once you send something memorable and (particularly financially) empowering to them, you are then associated in their mind’s eye as the neighborhood expert with all of the answers; a reliable, wise professional that they feel safe turning to, to responsibly and swiftly handle all of their real estate needs.

The content you send out should possess an inherent sense of urgency (in buying, selling, and referring) that will ultimately make folks want to:

DROP everything, READ, and (inevitably) SELL (with you)!
DROP everything, READ, and (inevitably) BUY (with you)!
DROP everything, READ, and (inevitably) REFER (you to their family and friends)!

Get them to STOP, DROP, READ and BUY/SELL/REFER with you by CONSISTENTLY reminding them that you have every real estate resource imaginable that will:

FIND BUYERS THEIR DREAM HOME (via carefully selected, customized, and punctual Listing Alerts & Property Matches).

ENSURE SELLERS SECURE THE BEST OFFER ON THEIR HOME (via delivering accurate, updated, and detailed Home Values they won’t find on Zillow, Trulia and the like).

MAXIMIZE HOMEOWNERS’ PROPERTY VALUES (via your trusted service provider “Homebrella” networking system, supplying affordable home improvement needs).

Heads up (as corny as it may sound): following the aforementioned advice might result in you needing to STOP, DROP AND ROLL – ’cause you’ll be on FIRE! 🙂

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Remind People You Exist In A Way That Works For Them.

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Question your referrals: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Step 1 “Who”: Segment your database into 2 groups: People WHO have referred you business the past 5 years and the one’s that haven’t (yet!)

Step 2 “What”: WHAT was your last form of communication with the referring group (email, text, phone call, post card)?

Step 3 “When”: WHEN did the referral occur in relation to the last form of communication (hint: client received your email and 4 days later referred a friend to you)?

Step 4 “Where”: Look at your relationship with each referring client, WHERE did your relationship come from (family, friends, past co-workers, past clients)?

Step 5 “Why”: This one is pretty easy. Literally ask yourself “WHY did they refer business to me?” (They thought of you first in a situation they didn’t have to).

Step 6 “How”: Next ask yourself the most important question “HOW can I get more?”


If you can make it all the way through these 6 steps, you will be able to truly see how to create referrals (instead of waiting for them).

Rate your database, it’s really important. (1 to 5, 5 being high)
Measure the likelihood and probability of business:
What is the likelihood that this person will ever refer business to me?

If someone is currently rated at a 1 (unlikely to refer), what do you have to do to increase the probability of a referral?
A personal phone call
A heartfelt card sent in the mail
An engaging email asking them how they are
A text message, because 98% of them are opened.

So many agents operate their business in the dark.
Eyes closed, lights off trying to cultivate a relationship with no sense of direction.
Marketing is not: Your overly confident slogan or photo with your arms crossed (or even better, holding a phone to your face)
Marketing is not: Your email signature telling every human being that you appreciate referrals (we get it, you like free business)
Marketing is not: sending recipes or monthly pictures of your domestic cat petting zoo.
Marketing is: Reminding people that you exist in the way that works for them, not you.

Some people prefer texting because they hate talking on the phone.
Some people prefer a phone call because they don’t know how to use their smart phone.
Some people need a greeting card because they haven’t opened their AOL account in 7 months.

Marketing cannot be just one thing. Everyone you know thinks, acts, and reacts differently.

– Tawd Frensley, PropertyMinder VP of Sales and Marketing

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