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Sell It! Effectively Convince Sellers They Need You To List Their Home

Posted on: August 2nd, 2016 by Tim Garcia

Hey there,

Tim here. Just thought I’d share another quick, seller-oriented Script Of The Week.

If you’re at a loss of how to convince homeowners (your sellers) to turn to you when they’re ready to make a decision – this email (or phone) pitch really drives your message home (no pun intended).

Okay, okay. The subject line may be pushing it a little – but your goal is to get their attention, right? If you’d prefer a softer subject line, let me know and I’ll send an alternative one your way, in a jiffy.


Subject Line: You Need Me. Let’s Maximize The Offer On Your Home.

Hey there ____,

It was nice meeting you the other day. I was wondering if you are you still interested in market conditions * and the what homes are selling for in your neighborhood?

There are many benefits to using a real estate agent but I wanted to share what usually happens when homeowners sell on their own:

– Limits exposure of your listing to interested buyers to only people that drive by your home.
– Reduces the amount of offers you will get on your home.
– Forces you to sell at a price below market value.
– Leaves you open to liability and neglecting proper precautions when dealing with contracts, inspections and other procedures.
– Causes your property to stay on the market too long without getting offers which causes buyers to think something is wrong with the home.


So, take the time to ask yourself:

– Am I knowledgeable about the legal, contractual, and procedural elements involved?
– Am I pricing my home correctly? Do I even know what its worth?
– Can I distinguish serious buyers from those who are just looking?
– Do I have the time to schedule appointments and host tours?
– Can I showcase my home online with the latest marketing tools including virtual tours, panoramic pictures and detailed listing information?
There’s clearly a lot to consider.
Sometimes discussing things in-person is more efficient.

Let me know when you’d like to meet and talk one-on-one.
* Note to agent: this is where Seller’s Corner comes in handy.
You can
register for the next Seller’s Corner & Client Tracking webinar
to see this listing-generator in full-swing.
Let me know if you have any personal
email marketing content requests.
(for trial and paying customers, of course).

I’m here to write for you, around the clock.

Take care and stay in touch,



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