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Facebook Fridays: Your Story Matters. You Matter.

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by Tim Garcia

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 ~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~

Do you use the “Your Story” feature on Facebook?

If you’re unfamiliar, “Your Story” is not only a great way to highlight photo(s) and/or video(s) featuring listings, open house(s), stagings, showings, testimonials, any and all eye-candy life has to offer, etc. – it’s a terrific means of underscoring, and boosting the exposure of, particularly important experiences in your life and/or career. Your Story is also highlighted at the top of your friends’ Facebook news feed so that everyone is immediately alerted that you have something to share. The sad part? The stories disappear after 24 hours (which kind of sucks if they include things you want to personally immortalize, or save and share as a post on social media). The good news? Here’s how you can SAVE your story posts to your devices.


Did You Know… 90% of marketers believe social media increases exposure for their brands? 43% of web traffic is generated from social media? Over 80% of real estate agents use FacebookThe truth of the matter? Everyone is on Facebook these days (including but not limited to your prospective buyers and sellers, and your competition). So, irrespective of whether or not you A) passionately love it, or B) fervently hate it – social media marketing (a dynamic Facebook presence, in particular) is critical if you want to enhance and enlarge your online audience. You deserve the same (FREE) exposure and promotions everyone else is getting in on! If you need help getting started, Facebook Fridays is a treasure trove of professional insight, wisdom, and guidance on how to truly succeed and shine on the social media powerhouse.


~ Facebook Articles ~

We receive quite a few requests for Facebook Ad guidance from our current clients, so I found it imperative to feature at least 2 articles examining, and re-articulating the importance of, these (sometimes challenging yet lucrative and worthwhile) mini-projects. The last two articles were generously suggested by Debe Maxwell and Fred Griffin, respectively. Oh! And that BONUS tip on the wonders and complexities of Hashtags (which, if used on your public posts, can SIGNIFICANTLY extend how far reaching your post is in terms of Facebook users) is definitely worth a gander. Don’t miss it. And start using #hashtags, if you aren’t already!

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