Your Open House Follow-Up Phone Scripts (Parts I & II)


Schoolhouse Rock was right:
Knowledge is power!

Give and get your fair share of relevant, 
meaningful knowledge with this phone script.

Your relationships are at stake here.

(The following outline is to be used the following Monday
or 1 – 2 days after your Open House.
(By the way: Click Here for An Open House Plan Of Action


Before you reach out to anyone, enter ALL of the contacts from your Open House sign-up sheet into your CRM  – name(s), email address(es), home address(es) and phone number(s),

What you need before you pick up the phone:

1) Pen and paper to take useful notes that you will add to each new contact in your CRM (i.e. – distinguishing buyer leads, seller leads, homeowners, personal interests, family statuses, interest levels, living arrangements, etc.) By the way, our system has a custom lead capture form – so you can make an Open House sign-up sheet and collect all the info. you want.

2) Access to your computer to update your CRM, research similar listings for buyers, and set up Seller’s Corner alerts for homeowners immediately after your conversation(s) end.
3) A go-to meeting place in mind, if someone is willing to meet in-person. (i.e. – nearby deli, café, Starbucks, etc.)

4) A good idea of what your schedule is like the next couple of weeks (your availability).

5) A list of preferred service providers and resources that you can share at the end of each conversation.

6) Flexibility.
This script is an outline and should not be read or followed rigidly, verbatim or robotic.

Take a deep breath, don’t come off as needy, and just go with the flow. 
Need help navigating through the script and/or someone to “rehearse” with? Give us a ring.


Hey there, ____! This is ____ from Saturday’s/Sunday’s Open House.
Thanks for coming out. How was the rest of your weekend?

Lead (responses vary):
Okay, not bad, restful, busy, etc. Thanks. How about you?


Agent (respond accordingly and casually):
Glad to hear it / Sorry to hear. Mine was busy, but no complaints here.
Open houses are always a great way to make new connections with people from, and outside of, the neighborhood.

I even met some folks who aren’t necessarily interested in buying and were just curious to kinda check things out. Some are sort of like everyday “window shoppers”. You know?

Lead: (responses vary)
a) Yeah, I live in/outside the neighborhood. I’m not looking to buy a home and was just browsing. (HOMEOWNER /SELLER ALERT)

b) Yeah, well I’m actually looking to buy a/the home. (BUYER ALERT)



At this point:
Follow a) for SELLER conversations.
Follow b) for BUYER conversations.

a) Oh, nice. What did you think of the place?

b) Oh, really? Nice. What did you think of the place?

Lead (responses vary, from positive to negative):
a) Not bad, abysmal, looks better from the outside, quaint, etc.

b)   #1: It’s great, it’s just what I’m looking for!

#2: It’s not what I expected, not exactly what I’m looking for, it didn’t have ____, etc.


a)   Ah, gotcha. Well it’s on the market and getting a lot of attention.
Actually a lot of my listings this past year sold for more than the listing price which, as
you can imagine, is definitely a pleasant surprise to folks in the neighborhood.

Have you ever wondered what your home is worth?

b)     #1:  Awesome.
I still have fast access to the home if you’d like a 2nd private viewing.
Are you free an evening this week or some time this next weekend?
I can work around your schedule.

#2:  Ah, bummer.
Well, were you interested in checking out similar places?
I can actually send you info on a few other related options that I’m pretty
confident would be right up your alley. Better yet, I can even set up private
viewings if any of them look or sound worthwhile.


a)    #1: Yeah but I’ve never looked into it.

#2: No, it’s not really a priority.

b)    #1:Yes, I’m free ____.
No thanks, I’m good. / I don’t have time.

#2: Yeah, that’d be great.
No thanks, I’ll pass.

a)     #1 & #2:  Oh, okay. The reason I ask is because I can actually send you a copy of
your home’s value, as well as up-to-date neighborhood activity
(like what’s active, pending and sold).

Does that sound like something you want to take advantage of?
I mean, it’s free and useful info for future reference, if you think about it…

b)     #1:  Great! Did you want to meet for coffee beforehand?
While we’re out, we can even swing by a couple of other homes I’m pretty
confident you’d be interested in.

  Okay, if you change your mind let me know.

#2: Terrific. I’ll get those over to you in a jiffy. If one catches your eye, I can even
schedule private viewings. I just need to verify your email and home address…

 – Alright, well if you find yourself at a loss for alternatives, I’ll be here.

a)   #1: No, I’m good.

#2: Yes, that would be great.

b)   #1:  Sure. Sounds good. Let’s meet.

   #2: – Sure, my email and address is____.
  – Thanks.


a)   #1:  Ah okay, I only ask because there’s a lot of misinformation and inaccurate data
out there. If you ever want direct access to up-to-date home values,  just let
me know. Like I said, it doesn’t hurt to know. Remember Schoolhouse
Rock? Knowledge is Power.

#2:  Fantastic. I’ll get you all set up right now. (Hint: use Seller’s Corner)
This way you’ll have a better idea of your neighborhood and my direct contact
 if you have any questions. I just need to verify your home and e-mail
address. I’m ready when you are…
b)   #1:  Wonderful. Want to meet at the Starbucks?
I’ll bring printed info of other homes you might be interested in, too.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today!
By the way – how’s your home in terms of maintenance?
If you have any home care or improvement services you need tending
to, I have some very reputable companies and good people I can refer to you.
(Hint: this is where Homebrella comes in handy).

    #2: Great! I’ll forward you a few right now.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today!
By the way – how’s your home in terms of maintenance?
If you have any home care or improvement services you need tending
to, I have some very reputable companies and good people I can refer to you.
(Hint: this is where Homebrella comes in handy).

a)  #1: Thank you.

#2: Okay, sure my email is___. My home address is___. Thank you.

a) #1 & #2: No problem… You’re welcome… It’s been my pleasure… Thank you.
By the way – if you have any home care or improvement services you need tending to, I have
some pretty solid and reputable companies and good people I can refer to you.
(Hint: this is where Homebrella comes in handy).


Remember: if you need help,
feel free to reach out at any time.

You got this.

Have a fabulous week

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