7 Best Ways to Capture More Email Addresses to Increase Home Sales.



by Andy Coffaro

There’s arguably nothing more important to your real estate marketing campaigns than collecting high-quality leads via email signups. It’s pretty simple: If you don’t capture email addresses, you can’t keep your funnel jam-packed with high-quality leads that eventually convert to home buyers and sellers.

Snagging emails isn’t as tough as you might think, however, and while there’s a myriad of ways to do so, these are generally considered to be seven of the best methods for capturing them.

Let’s dig in, and make sure to contact us today if you need help with any of the following strategies below.




Exit-Intent Pop-Ups
Have you ever moved your cursor to either close a tab or browser only to have an email signup form show up? This is a less intrusive pop-up window compared to those than suddenly appear as you’re reading content. It’s kind of like asking for an email address as people leave your house versus the second their feet are inside the doorway.


Newsletter Sign Up
Your future leads can’t get access to your awesome newsletters if they don’t give you their email address, right?
Bonus tip: Make the sign-up process easy. Ask for a valid email address, maybe a first name, but nothing else to prevent barriers to entry.


Sticky Top Bar
Have a box in the upper right-hand corner of your page that stays in place even as users scroll down with your content. Try different colors and calls to action to see which combo gets the most signups.


Splash Page
This is a bit intrusive, but you can set up a splash page requesting an email address that appears when visitors first land on your site. Just make sure they can easily skip it or provide a check box that ensures they’ll bypass the splash page during future visits.


Social Sign Up
The oldest social trick in the book: Have a sign-up form on your Facebook business page.


Old School
I’m probably preaching to the choir, but make sure you always have an email signup sheet at your open houses. Worried about sloppy handwriting you can’t decode? Bring an iPad so people have to type in their email addresses.


First Home Addresses, Then Emails
If you haven’t used it yet, we have a pretty amazing lead capture tool that doesn’t require homebuyers and sellers to enter their email addresses to receive data and info on homes in their areas.

What they do enter is their home addresses, which we capture for you. Use that info to send them custom flyers, marketing materials, and the ability to learn more should they email you. Throw these email addresses into your CRM and boom – you’re good to go.


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