Best lead capture tool in real estate just launched. Check it out.


by Andy Coffaro
PropertyMinder Marketing

You know the classic phrase this time of year, right? “New year. New me.”
Well, we here at PropertyMinder have a similar saying: “New year. New features.”

Today we’re insanely thrilled to introduce a new feature to Seller’s Corner that will knock those winter socks right off your bunions while providing a massive uptick in leads and home sales.

Here’s how it works

What’s one of the biggest obstacles to capturing leads?
Future home sellers reluctant to enter all kinds of information on your lead capture page.

We just solved this critical issue for you.

When homeowners are curious about the worth of their home and those in the adjoining neighborhood, they often have to enter all kinds of information. This tedious process can be a massive barrier to capturing curious homeowner’s info.

Our brand new lead capture tool gathers a homeowner’s address. That’s it. No need to enter info such as email, phone number, and more.

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Get alerts instantly from folks who entered their home address
  • Utilize this info to contact leads immediately and more often
  • With home address in-hand, snail-mail them helpful marketing materials or deliver them personally
  • More efficient for both parties: Future leads enter minimal information that provides you with incredible insight into who is looking to buy or sell


This is honestly the most effective and efficient lead-capture tool in the real estate business today.


How to get started

Ready to get going? Check out a demo or dive right in and give it a whirl for free right now.


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