RealtoRelevant Mainstream News (+Our Two Cents)

A few mainstream articles that caught our eye this month (+ our take on each one and how it’s relevant to you)…

Listings: A Matter of Supplying (Home Care Resources), Then (Silently) Demanding They Turn To You To Sell.
– Step 1 to be an “all things real estate” agent: knowing what home improvements are trending among homeowners (i.e. – your future sellers). Check out: “Homeowners Spent a Record Amount on Remodeling – but on What, Exactly?”
– Step 2: connecting your network of trusted Service Providers to your clients for any and all of their home care needs, via Homebrella. You provide the homeowner resources – they more likely they are to keep you in mind when they’re ready to sell.  Simple as that.

The Missing Link To Remedy Low Inventory
Low inventory in your neck of the woods? Forbes recently featured an article entitled: “What To Do When The Real Estate Market Has Low Inventory”. While some featured suggestions make sense (acting quickly, flexibility on closing dates, crafting the perfect letter offer, etc.) we can’t help but note one missing link– a marketing system that generates listings for you. That’s what Seller’s Corner does (virtually automatically). Learn more on the next free Generating Listings (Seller’s Corner) webinar – LIVE Tuesday, March 17th at 9:00 am (PST) / 10:00 am (CST) / 12:00 pm (EST)

Also – your listing leads don’t have to be new relationships. Have you ever considered extracting more business out of your current database? The buyer you helped find a dream home for in the past should be the homeowner you stay in contact with, and the seller you ultimately list for. This quick 8 step-by-step chart on how to increase repeat business is what we’re really talking about.

Revving Up Your Real Estate Base (+ The Tools You Need Or Already Have)
In a quick 4 minute video, Gary Gold explores How to truly tap into your sphere of influence in real estate. Gold leaves no stone unturned in efforts to harness the power and momentum of your lead/client base – including gathering and organizing personal contact information, maintaining and engaging in conversations anywhere you’re at, mindfully tracking folks and the market, identifying important leads and ranking new ones, etc.

Gold also underscores the importance of a carefully detailed and structured CRM (or Client Relationship Manager) as a vital means of reaching out consistently, as well as taking advantage of the inherent power of the MLS search (two dynamic features we ensure that you make, and get, the most out of with your AccelerAgent website!)

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