Your Sellers: No Crime In Taking Them Back.


Your Sellers: No Crime In Taking Them Back.

Wednesday, September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day.

Let’s ponder for a second: what does it mean to be a “Good Neighbor?”
Well, one commendable trait involves vigilantly monitoring and partaking in Neighborhood Watches.

Neighborhood Watch: a neighborhood surveillance program or group in which residents keep watch over one another’s houses, patrol the streets, etc., in an attempt to prevent crime.

Just like responsible Neighborhood Watches between neighbors looking out for one another, it’s your responsibility to watch out for your homeowners – with the help of Seller’s Corner.

Seller’s Corner: CMA + drip email marketing for real estate agents to keep watch over their homeowners.

There’s no crime in reaching out.
There’s no crime in taking the initiative.
There’s no crime in reminding folks that you exist.
There’s no crime in taking back seller leads that belong to you.

Be a Good Neighborhood Expert and fight low inventory with Seller’s Corner.

Let’s take a bite out of low inventory this Fall,

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