Tip Of The Weekend: Your Open House Plan Of Action

Don’t forget about Your Open House Follow-Up Phone Scripts (for both Buyers & Sellers).


Climate Change

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail (for your Open House follow-ups).

The best way to turn the people you meet at your open house into a seller or buyer of your own is to have a plan in place.

Even if they are not actively searching for a home, and are perhaps just curious to know home values in their neighborhood, these are very important leads. First off, make sure you have a sign up sheet and ask people to jot down their name and email address on it.

Ask folks if they have an agent. If they don’t, get their contact information (phone number, e-mail address and/or home address – unless they’ve already provided it on the sign-up sheet) and tell them you would like to make sure they get important information about the property and others similar to it.


Let them know you have all the resources.

Even if they already have an agent, still send them a thank you email (ideally the Monday after your open house).
Remind them that you have additional insight for them if they are interested.

A couple of days later offer to set up MLS searches for properties that have similar features to the one that they toured at your open house. Tell them they will be getting convenient alerts that match their criteria. Let them know you are there for them.

Do not forget to let them know about your website.

Your goal is to connect with the client. Invite them to check out your website.
Follow the AccelerAgent client tracking to see who is engaging with the site and looking at listings. Follow up with those people to secure future appointments.

Invite them to connect on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc). Share a compelling reason: “I have most of the relevant and interesting real estate articles on my Facebook Business Page, please like and share…”

And, of course, don’t forget about calling them.

Nothing beats the cozy feeling they’ll get when you reiterate your dedication to meeting their real estate needs. Call them on Thursday and let them know of other open houses you will be hosting. Offer to schedule private showings.

You can also set them up on a drip email campaign.
Need suggestions on email content? Let us know.
We’ll write something up for you in a jiffy.

Have a great weekend!


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P.S. – If you “have” an Open House this weekend – and you find yourself engaged in a conversation with a neighbor, rest assure they “have” access to a real estate agent.

The obvious answer; the agent that helped them buy their home. However, you can also rest assure that, statistically, their real estate agent “has” a 11% chance of getting their repeat business.

This is due to habitual lack of follow-up, a weak Internet presence, or the fact that the average real estate agent stays in the business 2 years.

Bottom line, they “had” their chance.

So, give this neighbor the best version of yourself.

This is your chance to show them what they “have” been missing. Instead of you assuming they “have” a real estate agent, relish in the fact that they “had” one and now they “have” a better one right in front of them.

You’re the one that “has” a proper Internet presence. You’re the one that “has” responsive follow-up skills. You’re the one that “has” years of experience.

Remember, neighbors don’t make you money; clients do!


-Tawd Frensley, VP of Sales & Marketing


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