The Most Expensive Website In The World Goes To…




Our VP of Sales and Marketing had himself a blog rant. We hope you like it.
The most expensive website in the world goes to…..

You! Congratulations on being able to afford a website that costs you 6 figures every year. You must be rich.

Wait! You don’t pay 6 figures for your website?
No, no, you actually do. Here’s how:

Your database has 250 contacts.
You did 7 deals last year.
For every 10 contacts in your database, should equal a transaction (buyer, listing, or a referral).
So you missed out on 18 deals. Holy Smokes! 

Multiply that by your average commission (lets say $8,000)
Grand total = $144,000 in business.


Remember, free is never free.
Everything comes at a price, and in your case, it comes at a hefty price.
If I’m not mistaken, you got into real estate to make money, not run a non-profit.

However, your free broker website made that possible. 
Real Estate Charity: Giving business away to less deserving, less experienced agents and not getting anything in return. Wow.

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