Quick Haunting Halloween Homeowner (Seller) Greeting


Halloween is just around the corner.
Set up an email marketing campaign with this quick greeting:


Subject Line Ideas:
Your Home This Halloween
Stay Fearless (In Your Home) This Fall
Creepy Clowns Are No Laughing Matter – Neither Is Home Care

Hey there _____,

“All Hallow’s Eve” is just around the corner. Any special plans this year?
Here’s hoping your home is not the target of any tricks involving eggs, pumpkins, dreaded toilet paper, or any creepy clown stalking (Did you read about that last year?!)

I hope your day(s) are filled with nothing but fun-filled treats and the utmost safety this month.

Speaking of safety, if you’re gearing up for any home care projects – let me know if you need help getting any resources you need to start or complete things.
Whether it’s roofing and plumbing repairs, or heating, flooring and/or moving assistance – I can get you set up with the right, affordable professionals in your neck of the woods. We are, after all, heading into the Fall and Winter seasons. 🙂

Also – if you’re already facing challenges with your home due to weather or related issues, please give me a ring today. I’m always here to help out!


Have a very Happy Halloween!




Also remember: the more you know about people, the better equipped you are to meet their needs.
Take the initiative to make inquiries like this and let them that you have answers to ALL of their real estate needs – Home Values via Seller’s Corner, Home Care via Homebrella (the wet, rainy and colder Fall & Winter seasons are upon us!),Home Improvement. Home Sales, relevant community events, etc.


Cheers to a safe, fun and sweet Halloween,

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