Only Having A Brokerage-Provided Website Is Straight Up Dangerous.

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Would you give someone your bank account information?
Would you give someone access to all of your hard work, all of our resources, all of your connections and networks? All of your knowledge? The things you spent years nurturing, gathering, and earning?

Chances are there are very few people out there who you would simply hand over the goldmine of your wealth and success. There are few people in life we should trust with this information.

Well, we’re afraid to say, that that is exactly what agents do when they use the Broker-provided website and CRM. They store all their contacts (their livelihood, essentially), all in one place- a place that is not all their own. So what happens in life when there is a fork in the road?

Sometimes an agent leaves their brokerage. Truth be told, the average agent switches brokerages 7 times.  Most of the time, they simply leave a carbon copy of their contacts with the brokerage, even if they exported their entire database. Congratulations! You just managed to allow your former brokerage to go ahead and start emailing and calling everyone in your database.

In case you didn’t know or didn’t take the time to calculate, your database is worth millions. Yes, millions. 

Let’s do a little simple math so that you can gain some clarity on your business.

Here is a simple equation to find out how much your database is worth:

Total Contacts ( X ) Average Commission = Database Worth

Then ask yourself this question:
“If everyone in my database bought or sold
with me right now, how much would I make?”

Yes, your business is in fact worth much more than you probably thought.

This is why it is essential that you have your own CRM and website.
No matter the business or life changes you go through, you can’t leave your gold mine of relationships (and potential income!) in someone else’s hands – hands that could be attached to the arms of your competitors.

You must have a place that you have full control over to store your contacts and your notes. Also, you need to have full control over the content and look of your website. That is often not possible with a Brokerage website. With the PropertyMinder website you have full control over the look. Also, you have a support and training department on standby all day to help you edit
your website, your campaigns, and your landing pages.

We have an in-house development team that designs tools based around your needs and MLS functionality that updates everyday.

Nothing in this world is free. Everything comes at a price.
Sometimes that price- is the cost of your database.

Have a great (and productive) week! 

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