Marketing: Perspective, Objective, Directive (Part I)

Marketing: Perspective, Objective, Directive: Part I.
Guest blog post by PropertyMinder VP of Sales & Marketing, Tawd Frensley.

The reason why companies have different types of commercials/advertising is quite simple: to connect with the different demographics of their target audience across all channels. Some people react to humor, others react to color and imagery, while some react to sound and/or melody.


Whether it is visual, audio, print, or social media in front of the target audience, it is the most effective when all variations are put together to form one cohesive message and lasting impression.

Let’s be realistic.

You don’t have millions of dollars to run national commercials. However, this does not mean that your marketing must be the same year after year. And if it is, it’s time to stop it. There are people in your database that will never react to any email you send to them, no matter the frequency or “clever” subject line. The average person opens 10% of what they receive, not what you send. If a client receives 100 emails per day, 10 will be opened.


If your email was 1 out of the 100, then you have only managed to occupy 1% of their inbox for that day. Now, if you are only emailing your clients only once a month, you have taken up exactly 0.03% of their inbox (assuming they only have one email account). Slim chance of success with those figures.

Note to self: Increase the open rate of your emails by notifying the person that you are sending them some information. You wouldn’t blindly set up a Listing Alert for a buyer without speaking to them first, would you?

So, is calling marketing? Yep, it sure is. (let’s reference the old phrase Tele-Marketing, meaning marketing via telephone).
We have phone scripts written for you, too. Ask and you shall receive.

Marketing, in its most basic definition, is reminding people that you exist. However, agents seem to not like calling people on the phone, anymore. As if the introduction of email could ever replace the warmth of a human being’s voice.

Perhaps you feel like you are impeding on their day or you simply hate leaving voice mails.
Perhaps you don’t know what to say or just do not want to put in the time.

Whatever your excuse may be, just know that there are people in your database right now, that would like to hear from you.

Who said you even have to speak about real estate? If marketing is reminding people that you exist, then you are just doing it over the phone. Check in with them. See how their life is going or how their family is doing. Career changes, recent vacations or events are always pleasantries to discuss. A heartfelt phone call to a past client or prospect will create a longer lasting impression.

Make yourself memorable, so that you are the only option when it is time to buy or sell.

Wait! There’s more.
Check out Part II of this featured tip.


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