Increasing Your Listings: A 2018 Approach.

2018 approach


I’m just going to cut to the chase: good things (like generating more listings and working with home sellers) don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who agitate (their real estate leads and clients).

And when I say agitate, I mean it in the most motivating (NOT irritating) way possible.

Agitate: verb, to arouse public concern about an issue in the hope of prompting action.
So, do you need more listings? Want to know how and where to find more home sellers? Whether it’s via your real estate website, over the phone or in-person, let’s break down the essential resources (and actual things you need to say) to actively agitate and reel in potential sellers, keep them on your radar, and ultimately be their go-to listing agent.

What to have handy (a wealth of knowledge):
– Seller’s Corner: automatic email alerts with home values sent to your clients – reminding them you’re the neighborhood expert, delivering relevant info they find useful (what their home’s worth), and ensuring you’re the top-of-mind agent when they’re ready to sell.

– Why You Should Sell Your Home In 2018
– 15 Features That Sell Homes The Fastest And At The Best Price


You’re doing the right thing (irrespective of whether or they choose to sell now or later) by planting the seeds to get them thinking, for inevitable growth, trust, and loyalty in your relationships, and – you guessed it – paving the way to more listings.

What to say:
Hey there, how’ve you been?
Just touching base to see if you’re [still] considering selling your home.

I bring it up ‘cause it can be a little tricky doing it all alone. And the market is HOT.

If they say YES:
Wonderful. Have you looked into how to get things started or who to talk to?
Aside from dealing with the hassles of legal documents, inspections, and managing tours and schedules, selling on your own can also cause your property to stay on the market too long without getting offers – which can cause buyers to think something’s wrong with your home.

You deserve serious, educated, financially-capable buyers. I’d love to get you connected with them.

Have you thought of showcasing your home online? I have the latest, cutting-edge marketing tools including virtual tours, HD & panoramic photos and detailed property info to get you started, and attract honest folks. Do you have more time to talk today? Or should we schedule another chat over coffee next week sometime?

If they say YES:
Great! I’ll send you some info on what your home is currently worth* and we can go from there. I can also share a quick checklist of 15 features that sell your home the fastest. **


If they say NO:
Ah, gotcha. Well, can we at least stay in touch?
I have all the accurate neighborhood home values (including yours) I can send, at your discretion.
Can I get your email address to keep you updated (monthly or weekly)? *

I can also send you some information on why 2018 might be the best year to sell.***

When/if the day you’d like to sell arrives –  you deserve access to the best ways to feature, broadcast and promote your home online, and ensure a speedy and financially fulfilling selling process, with serious and educated buyers, only.

I would be thrilled to work with another [awesome, charming, fun, great] homeowner, such as yourself. Thanks for your time!


Not satisfied with how the conversation went? Want to go the extra mile and continue the dialogue?
Take a gander at this home improvement script for your homeowners (i.e. – your prospective sellers).

You got this. If you need help with anything, let me know. 🙂

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P.S. – if talking on the phone or in-person isn’t your cup of tea at the moment for one reason or another (trust me, many of us can relate), feel free to contact us, and/or check out this email marketing message (you can literally copy, paste, fill in the blanks, and send) to convince folks to sell with you: Sell It! Effectively Convince Sellers They Need You To List Their Home.



Seller’s Corner

** 15 Features That Sell Homes The Fastest And At The Best Price

*** Why You Should Sell Your Home In 2018