Custom IDX & SEO: Two Peas In A Pod
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SEO Made Easy: Part 2

Create Custom IDX pages. We can’t say this enough.
Just as a department store organizes its merchandise by brand, style, use, gender, event,and age group- you too should tailor your website to people’s preferences. And you will be optimizing your website to boot. Custom IDX is a way to improve your website’s SEO.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to make your Custom IDX pages more specific and other ways Custom IDX can improve your business.


Simply stated, Custom IDX links:

1. Add relevant pages of content that Google can crawl
2. Give people instant access to homes they want to see
3. Eliminate the learning curve website visitors have to go through each time they visit a new website.
4. Can bring about real, human traffic and conversions.
5. Support neighborhood traffic from your farm and reduce the bounce rate of your visitors.

Here are a couple ideas for you: 

– What are the main school districts or schools in your area?
– Adding school info to your SEO will help you be found by people with children.
– Does your area have any specific neighborhood nicknames? Add those as keywords.
– Create Custom IDX links for your specific area. You can create Custom IDX links based on neighborhoods, or general area. Each IDX page and the results are indexed by search engines.

Tip: A great way to figure out SEO keywords is to send an email to friends, family, and networks who are not in real estate. Ask them: “What words or phrases would you use to find a real estate agent or a home?” This will give you an idea of how people search for real estate online. Cool, right?

Click here to learn some more on how we made our tools even more Google-friendly.

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