Boosting Referrals & Listings: The “Cherry On Top” Approach.

Hey again,

Tim here – how’ve you been?

I’d like to run a quick definition by you:
The cherry on the cake (or on top): A desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good. (

That said, think of the content below (as well as every other follow-up email and phone script that I write for you) as the sweet and memorable cherry-on-top for all of your seller transactions – a way of coming out on top and securing post-transactional referrals from, and fostering long-term relationships with, your leads and clients.
Subject Line: Best Offer On Your Home: You’ve Earned It.

The next step of our journey together concerns pricing.
We need to establish an advantageous price point that will both expedite the selling of your home and be as rewarding to you and your family as possible.

I’m more than happy to interpret specific housing data, assess any estimation(s) you have calculated, and provide an educated and thorough evaluation for you.

Give me a call or send me an email to further discuss the property pricing process.
Even if you just have questions about the structure and fluctuations of the current market,* I’m happy to share my insight.

Talk with you soon,


* Hint: Seller’s Corner automates neighborhood alerts for your clients
(rendering you THE agent on their mind when they’re ready to list).
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to see this listing-generator in full-swing.

Let me know if you have any personal
email marketing content requests.
I’m here to write for you, around the clock.

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