5 Things You Should Know (6/11)

What you should know_ Week 1 (1)


1. Trump’s Hosts at Summit Are Low-Profile Real Estate Billionaires.
What you should do:
– Hope for the best outcome. And remember you don’t need to be a billionaire to own cutting-
edge technology designed in the heart of the Silicon Valley
. 😉


2. Trade in your house? Startup launches a different approach to real estate in Triangle.

“It purchases customers’ new homes on their behalf, moves them in, and then sells their existing homes for them on the open market with the goal of making real estate transactions more simple – and more certain.”

What you should do:
– Keep in mind that competition is around every corner. What are you doing to ensure your
 buyers and sellers aren’t lead astray?


3. Millennials Aren’t Having Kids. Here’s Why That’s A Problem For Baby Boomer Real Estate & Retirement.

“Whatever the reason, the decision of Millennials to delay or forgo having children will have a ripple effect on wannabe Baby Boomer grandparents. No, I am not concerned about Donna’s desire for grandbabies. I am thinking about a far more practical issue – Donna’s financial security.

The majority of Baby Boomers’ wealth is not in the bank, in a pension plan or in an investment portfolio, but in their homes. Despite the popular urban mythology of Boomer life in the big city, more than 70% of Baby Boomers are still living in suburban and rural areas. An increasing number of soon-to-retire and recently retired Boomers are looking to downsize and cash out the decades of equity they have amassed in their homes as a source of income and a chance to live the good life. But how can they cash out without any buyers?”


What you should do:
– Touch base with both your millennial and baby boomer clients. Ask what they’re up to.
Maybe even share this article. Find out if there’s any truth to what we just read.


4. The World’s Largest Real Estate Companies 2018.

What you should do:
– Speaking of companies, are you happy with your current broker? More importantly, do you
have website(s)/marketing in place separate from your brokerage? If not, consider setting up something more independent that’ll help you stand out.


5. Redfin CEO explains why competitors should fear him.

What you should do:
– No need to pay and read this article. Just prove this guy wrong. Provide your clients with
every single service Redfin provides (+ more). We’re happy to make sure you’re all set up. 🙂


Hope your week is off to a fantastic start,
– Tim

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