5 Things You Should Know (7/11)

What you should know_ Week 1 (1)


1. Real estate trends to know: #2 Hurricane Harvey effects bring down price of remodeled homes.

What you should do:
– Keep providing your homeowners with the home improvement and repair resources they
need to fix and/or safeguard their property.

2. Marion man to receive kidney from real estate agent who sold his home.

What you should do:
– If this agent can give their kidney, surely you can express a little more gratitude with your
clients (buyers and sellers included). 😉


3. Hottest housing market in the US is up 13% and now may be headed for a crash.

What you should do:
– Irrespective of your market, remain diligent in staying connected to your homeowners and
providing them with routine updates on what their home is worth (it will pay off; they’ll think
of you first when/if they decide to sell).


4.  Tips [for your clients] when attending an open house.

* Thanks for the link, Andy!

What you should do:
– Review your own Open House Plan Of Action to maximize success at the next one you host/attend!


5. Social Media Tips For Growing Your Real Estate Brand.

* Thanks for the link, Andy!

What you should do:
– Check out these other social media marketing tips we wrote, just for you:

– The Truth About Social Media and Real Estate (This Concerns You)
– 5 Best Ways To Connect With Home Buyers & Sellers On Facebook
– Can Facebook Ads Increase Listings & Leads? You Bet!

– 5 Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Implementing But Should
– More Likes + More Followers = More Listings?

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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