5 Things You Should Know (6/20)

What you should know_ Week 1 (1)


Home sales decline as number of listings drops.

What you should do:
– Secure marketing (specifically, an effective CMA tool like SELLER’S CORNER) to ensure
you gain the listings you deserve – even in the face of declining inventory.


1. Real Estate Leaders Weigh In On Trump Border Separation Policy
What you should do:
– Remain educated. And let your empathy shine.


2. Hot real estate markets to cool in 2020.

What you should do:
– Take note if yours is on the list. And remain a hot resource for every buyer and seller
in your neck of the woods.


3. Zillow Data Used To Project Impact Of Sea Level Rise On Real Estate.
What you should do:
– Speaking of Mother Nature, continue to provide home improvement/care resources to your
homeowners. Remember it’s a great way to double the chances they’ll sell their home with you!


4. A great backyard gives homes an edge in the real estate market.
What you should do:
– Repeat “What you should do” from #4 – provide the resources folks need to maintain
and perfect their backyard.


5. Real Estate Agent Successfully Prosecuted For Violating Santa Monica’s Homesharing Law.

What you should do:
– Make sure you’re up to speed on the laws of the land in your area. And don’t be like this guy.


Happy Wednesday!


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