Don’t be gullible about websites. (And use this summertime email text/pitch)

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The word RELATIONSHIP is in “CRM” for a reason.
Please, don’t be gullible.
By Tawd Frensley
VP of Marketing & Sales

As you get ready for your Memorial Day barbecue or weekend getaway, please try to ponder this question: if more than 90% of your business comes from referrals, why on Earth are you worried about Google ranking, website traffic, and Internet leads?

Putting 100% of your time and effort into something that is less than 10% of your business does not make sense. The companies that try to sell you optimized websites are using long tail keywords. Few people use them for their search engine searches; for example, “Colorado Springs homes with a swimming pool under $400,000.”

Do not let companies with so-so intentions trick you with their digital sorcery. We get sick of how they treat agents. As soon as you get your real estate license, many of you become a target for their nonsense. These companies think you are gullible.

You should take this personally. We know we do. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and large brokerages are taking up every spot on the first page of Google and receiving millions of views each year. What makes you think you can compete with them?

How about we think of it this way: Why not DO, what they CAN’T.
Zillow‬ can’t reach out to your clients.
Trulia‬ can’t make your clients feel valued.
Redfin‬ can’t forge lasting relationships with your database.
Guess what? You can.

You can email everyone, right now: “How are you? How is life and work going? I would love to catch up with you sometime.” You can do this because they are YOUR clients. Instead of spending money… Click Here.


A free summertime email text

Subject line: Any exciting summer plans? (Feel free to shorten this as you like or use it as a guide for your phone pitches)

I hope this note finds you well. Do you have any exciting summer plans? I understand you and your family have been busy. I hope summer will give you all some time to relax.

I saw your activity on my website, and wanted to see how you were doing and if I could help you find what you were looking for.

Whether you are looking at homes for fun or because you are beginning to think about making a move, I am here for any help you may need.

My objective is not to bombard you with emails, but to make sure you have the exact information that applies to what you like looking at on the web. Perhaps there is something in life that has changed that influences your searches and why you are searching. Receiving timely and accurate updates on the home values in your neighborhoods can be quite useful in helping you understand current home values.

I’d love to hear back from you about your research and see if I can further guide you towards the information you need.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

(Real Estate Tip: Edit this template for pre or post Memorial Day Weekend reach-outs.)


– Every Email Counts.
– Every Call Counts.
– Every Conversation Counts.
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